Speed/Torque Control

3-phase 380V-20%~415V+20%, 0.75~400 kW

EM303B helps an induction motor to achieve fast speed response and torque control ability as a DC motor which makes the motion control system stable, precise and quick.

Technical Features:

1. V/F & sensorless vector control (SVC)

2. Dual CPU resulting in better performance & stability

3. Speed / Torque control selectable

4. Stationary / Rotational auto tuning of motor parameters

5. Normal duty (P) / Heavy duty (G) dual rated drive

6. Built-in braking IGBT up to 15kW

7. Built-in DC reactor in 90kW & above ratings

8. 7 digital inputs & 2 digital outputs

9. Analog terminals: 4 inputs % 2 outputs

10. All analog inputs can also be programmed as digital multifuntion inputs

11. Analog outputs can be selected for voltage & current signals by changing jumper

12. PNP/NPN selected inputs

13. Load disturbance compensation for trip free operation

14. Auto motor speed search at restart

15. Flange mounting (90~200kW) & floor mounting with optional chassis (55kW & above)

16. Detachable LED keypad with inbuilt potentiometer Optional 4-line LCD keypad

17. Modbus RTU communication

18. Built-in PID control

User Manual of EM303B Inverter

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